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Randy Johnson. v. Navient Solutions, Inc., f/k/a Sallie Mae, Inc., No. 1:15-cv-0716-LJM (S.D. Ind.)

Shelly Toure and Tony Heard v Navient Solutions, Inc., f/k/a Sallie Mae, Inc., No. 1:17-cv-00071-LJM-TAB

If you recently received a payment relating to the Johnson v. Navient Solutions, it is the result of a claim that you filed in the Johnson v. Navient Solutions Settlement.  After all payments were processed, additional funds remained and have been distributed to eligible claimants in a second round of payments. You must have cashed the first check in order to receive this second check. This payment must be cashed within sixty (120) days or you will forfeit your right to this recovery.  This payment amount is final and cannot be appealed


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